About Us


Mike is our president (by popular vote, mind you) and the bass voice of our team. He is often found napping on the Kafistübli's sofa and is happy to help students with any issues (unless they concern linguistics, because that stuff he just doesn’t get). Dropping the occasional one-liner is Mike’s specialty, but he will also keep you up to date on upcoming FAVA events. Feel free to approach this lost soul who is still trying to make fetch happen for suggestions or questions!  michael.kuenzli@uzh.ch


Lukas is a member of the Fava since 2016. He is currently an undergraduate of English and Film. He is responsible for organising all of our fun events. Fun fact, once while hiking he was attacked by a vicious chicken. To all our joy, he survived the encounter.  Feel free to contact him about events! lukas.arnold2@uzh.ch

carlos small

Carlos is an undergrad student who’s mainly interested in linguistics and cinema. He hosts the linguistics Stammtisch X-Bar, is an avid Joyce reader and is involved in snobbish film clubs. He cried at The Elephant Man, twice, studied the art of the chocolate chip cookie for months and plays the banjo. He will help with any problem or question you might have, whatever it is about. carloskilian.hartmann@uzh.ch


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Bettina is an undergrad studying English Linguistics and Literature and History and has been a FAVA member since 2017. Bettina is a perfectionist who loves numbers and accounting, which is why she will be replacing Carmen as treasurer of the FAVA.


Daniela joined the FAVA in 2017 and is an undergrad pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and PuK. With her extensive ingenuity and Photoshop skills, she is the creative talent behind our oh-so-stylish flyers. She will gladly help you with any issues or questions that you may have. Her philosophy is carpe diem for herself and laissez faire for others.  daniela.teskera@uzh.ch

Dafina is an undergraduate of English and Art History. She’ll be in charge of our website and will have the honor to take pictures of everyone on our fun events. She’d love to talk to you about anything and have a cup of tea (don’t give her coffee because she can’t handle that stuff).




Legendary Ex-Members



Lorena (call her Lolli) was our webmaster and photographer until the end of 2017. While she used to travel a lot and write her papers by the beach, she'll probably do the same thing now except she won't have to work on papers.


Carmen joined the FAVA in 2012 and had the nerves to stay until 2017 (we love you for that!). She used to represent us at the Fachvereinskonferenz and was a student representative in the Fakultätsversammlung and the Studienkonferenz. Carmen is almost done with her studies which is why she's gonna leave us now. Our dear Carmen always baked like a queen and Cake Days will never be the same again without her.


Salma was our president and student representative at the Institutsversammlung and Tag der Lehre until June 2017. She did a brilliant job and will be dearly missed by all of us at the ES. Good luck with your studies in Hong Kong!


Ariana was our secretary, handled the mailing list and was also in charge of the famous Kafistübli at the English Seminar. There is legit no one (apart from Fabiana) who poured as much of her heart and soul into the Grill'n'Chill. If we're lucky, Ariana and Fabiana will be helping out at the next one in 2018!


Fabiana was amazing at organizing (and participating in) the many of our events at the English Seminar, especially the Grill'n'Chill! She is/was always willing to listen to the English students' suggestions so as to improve the social life of the seminar.



Stephanie is our honorary member as she joined the FAVA in 2009 and was president for four years. She was the one to make the FAVA an official student organisation at UZH. She is currently writing her M.A. thesis and working as a teacher of German and English at a Berufsschule.