About Us


Salma is our president and student representative at the Institutsversammlung and Tag der Lehre. As the go-to person for staff and students, she will happily answer your emails with more questions. Last but not least, Salma sets the times and dates for our social events (so you know who to blame if it doesn't fit with your plans!).  salma.ghandour@uzh.ch


Carmen joined the FAVA in 2012. She keeps our finances in check and represents us at the Fachvereinskonferenz. She also co-organises and promotes the Nachtseminar. She is a student representative in the Fakultätsversammlung and the Studienkonferenz. She will happily answer your questions about the upcoming reform. carmen.frei@uzh.ch


Ariana is our secretary, handles the mailing list and is also in charge of the famous Kafistübli at the English Seminar. ariana.dragusha@uzh.ch


Lorena is our webmaster and photographer, so she'll be the one walking around with a camera at the Grill'n'Chill. She's always up for coffee and a chat or discussing issues related to English studies (esp. linguistics). If she's not around, she's probably travelling somewhere in the world. lorena.schneider@uzh.ch


Mike is the newly added bass voice of our team. He's often found on the Kafistübli's sofa and is happy to help students with any issues (that don't concern linguistics). Attending and organising social gatherings (as well as dropping the occasional one-liner) is his specialty, but he will also keep you up to date on current events. Feel free to approach him for suggestions or questions! michael.kuenzli@uzh.ch


Fabiana is one of the newest members of the FAVA team. She organizes (and participates in) the several events at the English Seminar. She is always willing to hear the English students' suggestions so as to improve the social life of the seminar. If you have got an idea, she will be happy to talk about it! fabiana.moneghini@uzh.ch



Lukas is an undergraduate at the English department and recently joined the FAVA. He mainly helps with organising (and attending) events. He is happy to help students on any matter. lukas.arnold2@uzh.ch


Stephanie is our honorary member as she joined the FAVA in 2009 and was president for four years. She was the one to make the FAVA an official student organisation at UZH. She is currently writing her M.A. thesis and working as a teacher of German and English at a Berufsschule.